Ladder Safety is a must!

October 8, 2019

Ladder Safety is a must!

Ladder Safety

To start with you should only ever buy a stepladder or ladder that conforms to the relevant British or European Standard, and one which is clearly marked with the load it can safely support. All of Titan ladder products tick these boxes.

The feet should also be non-slip and in good condition.

This may should like we are trying to make you suck eggs but, for safety reasons, always lean your ladder at the correct angle. The foot should be one measure out from the wall for every four measures of wall height, so if you want your ladder to reach the 5.2m eaves of a typical two-storey home, the foot should be 1.3m away from the wall. You can check if the angle is correct by standing with your toes touching the feet of the ladder and putting out your arms. You should be able to grasp the rungs at shoulder height.

This is information we trust all of our titan ladder customers will know but we feel its important to share anyway