Buying a ladder

June 21, 2018

Buying a ladder

You should always choose the right type of ladder for the job in hand. This guide will help you how to choose between ladders, stepladders, work platforms or scaffold towers

Step Ladders

Step ladders and multi-purpose ladders are ideal for indoor tasks and light outdoor jobs, such as window cleaning, as they generally reach up to three metres. Above that height it’s best to use a ladder or scaffold tower.

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Roof Ladders

A proper roof ladder is a must, it doesn’t matter how minor the repairs are. It has wheels on one side and hooks on the other. Stand on an ordinary ladder and push the wheeled side of your roof ladder up the roof. Then turn it over and slide the hooks down onto the ridge tiles to hold it in place.

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Extension Ladders

If you need to work at height, but not on a roof, a simple extension ladder can be the solution. It allows you to safely reach working heights. Usually comprised of two or three parts, the sections are slid apart and locked into position ready for use. This makes storage easy.

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Combination ladders / folding ladders

If you are planning on making regular use of a ladder, combination ladders are an ideal choice. Suitable for a range of household tasks, including decorating and cleaning, a combination ladder can be used in a range of formats – as steps, a short ladder, a stairwell work platform or low-level staging. This provides plenty of options, making it easier to match your ladder to the task in hand.

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